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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv news tonight in hd. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> baltimore city police are investigating five rapes all occurring within the past four days. the attacks happened in the 1800 olympic of north bond street, garrison boulevard and north wolfe street. two other assaults happened on harford avenue and colvin street and police say those two rapes are connected. we are live now at city police headquarters with how police connected the dots here. >> the victims in these cases are ok and cooperating with police, but they can't provide many details about who the suspect is and until he's caught, police are warning women around the city to be extra
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careful. is that williams walks her dog along harford avenue every night and was shocked to learn there was a rape in the 1300 block. baltimore police believe that rape of a woman in her early 20's is linked to a rape in the 400 block of colvin street. the victim in that incident, a woman in her 50's on her way home from a church service. both cases, women were waiting at bus stops. >> we think it is an easy target for women traveling on bus. >> the suspect is known to threaten the women, drag them and rape them. police don't have a good description of the suspect but doing what they can to find out who he is and stop him before he attacks again. >> we have advised district commanders in the area to advise the community of what's going on. we have a special liesed
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deployment of officers who are going to work specifically on this and we have asked our crime lab to expedite evidence in these cases. >> you have to be careful. >> that's what police are advising women to do. they say these sexual assaults are crimes of opportunity, so women need to pay closer attention to their surroundings and not walk alone at night if at all possible. it's advice this women is taking to heart. >> i have to make the kids walk with me because i have to walk my dog. >> police are looking for any information that will lead them to this suspect. if you know anything, contact baltimore city police. reporting live at baltimore city head quarters. >> police in baltimore county are searching for a person who shot and killed a man in woodlawn. the body of grayson kenney was discovered this morning. they say kenney was at his home watching football and left to go
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buy a pack of cigarettes, but never made it back. neighbors say they heard gun fire but didn't see anything so they did not call police. now his friend wonders who would kill him. >> one thing about -- even if it was one person, he wouldn't say, you want to fight. he was a big guy, but --. >> any information about kenney's murder call the crime stoppers. today we got our first look at one of the two men charged in connection with the shooting at a halloween party. one person died, the other victim may be paralyzed. we got a glimpse of dean schroyer after he bailed out of jail and charged with access ory after the fact. and devin dixon is charged with
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murder. police say dixon opened fire. investigators don't believe the victims were targeted and they just like the victims' families are trying to figure out why this happened. >> my tear deducts are dry now. it took me a couple of hours. >> dixon faces several charges and being held on no bond. in tonight's project economy report, the baltimore business journal is reporting that column bow bank is under tight supervision by federal banking regulators. on october 28, the bank entered into a agreement with thrift supervision and the bank was given 30 days to boost its management network. it has 60 days to submit a business plan to improve operations, earnings and capital, among other things. a baltimore-based constellation energy has announced it has the green light to move forward with
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its partnership with france's edf energy. they agreed to conditions on a joint nuclear venture. the customers will get a $100 credit on their bill. black & decker is merging with stanley works and will create the largest tool maker, but what does that mean for the local economy? we are live outside the black & decker headquarters with that story. >> the deal would roll the two companies into $8.5 billion powerhouse and set up headquarters in connecticut and that could cost jobs here in towson. a small online logo delivered the news, baltimore county-based black & decker is merging with stanley works of connecticut. >> this is a sad day for economic stake holders in the baltimore region. >> black & decker set up shop in baltimore region 99 years ago.
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it makes tools, dewallet along with others. it employs more than 1,200 people. the corporate headquarters is run by nearly 250 workers who are expected to lose their jobs. economists calls that a big hit to the local economy. >> the impact will be larger than people think. we aren't talking about 250 jobs, but 250 highly compensated jobs. >> many people of baltimore own stock in black & decker. >> people may choose to cash out. they made tremendous gains and may be calling their broker. >> they issued a statement on the $4.5 billion merger saying that the transaction is expected to create tremendous value for share holders through the realization of operating margin
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enhancements. joining the two companies creates a powerful engine for growth. but will the merger cause long-term damage to baltimore? >> not to say we don't have major companies who have other corporate headquarters in the baltimore area. that said, we have tended to lose large ones than to gain them. >> each company's board of directors has signed off on the deal. it is expected to go through early next year. >> for more information on the black & decker merger go to maryland state police have issued the state's first silver alert for a missing vulnerable adult. 84-year-old arthur mulkey was seen on sunday west of frederick on i-70 at the exit 40. i weighs about 160 pounds, gray
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hair, blue eyes and last seen driving a red chevy s-10 truck. anyone with information on him should please call 911. a controversial bill regarding city pregnancy clinics got a step further tonight. centers that do not offer abortions or birth control will put up signs advertising those facts. the bill will be voted on later this month. the council president said she proposed the bill because of complaints that some clinic workers provided inadequate medical advice. four clinics would be impacted by the legislation. operators of two of those facilities call this a political ploy to draw out the abortion debate. the state transportation authority is extending the warning period for drivers caught speeding in work and school zones. since october 14, nearly 900
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warning notice have been issued, but when the warning phase ends on november 15, drivers caught going more than 12 miles over the posted speed limit will be mailed a $40 citation. officials say they hope the grace period will help speeders slow down. his career spans more than half a century and i joined thousands as former governor schaefer received the ultimate gift just in time for his 88 birthday. sherman was on hand for today's statue dedication. here's his report. >> william donald schaefer was having an 88th birthday with old friends and well wishers. >> this is a gaitful community for somebody -- all the profit of his service went to the people, all of it. >> the ceremony was touching and funny as seen by wbal.
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>> we are here to pay tribute and share in the excitement of honoring our most beloved resident, yes, you, sir. [laughter] >> william donald schaefer. >> yeah! >> ♪ god bless america >> through the choir, band and speeches, the man known most for his words stayed silent. >> three, two, one! here it is! >> that is until everyone thought it was over. with the aisles emptying, he took the podium. >> i could say something sentimental, but i won't today, because this is a special day, not only for me, but for everyone who had just a small part, large part or tremendous part in building the inner
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harbor and building the city, building the neighborhoods all around us and to think how lucky we are. i started here a long time ago and only going to take two more minutes because i saw somebody on. thank you for being down here today and it means a lot to have you come down and see what we, w-e have done here. >> now, he will be here in his place forever, for generations to come, a politician whose memos ended in "do it now" can accomplish in a lifetime. >> and still running the show. coming up, more than half billion pounds of ground beef recalled tonight. the health hazards and the maryland stores where it was sold. first lady michelle obama welcomed area students to the white house. how she is using her past to help women.
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>> it is getting chilly out there. the forecast straight ahead. >> a maryland company promising to help you get out of debt accused of taking millions from desperate families. how they made big promises and charged struggling marylanders thousands.
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and if you wanna know why your friend's 3g coverage is so spotty, there's a map for that, too. yep, with five times more 3g coverage than at&t, there's lots of reasons to switch-- to verizon wireless. now get new 3g touch-screen phones from lg, starting at 29.99. >> fairbanks farms has recalled more than half million pounds of fresh ground beef because of possible contamination. the beef is linked to two deaths and illnesses. it was sold at trader joe's, bj's and giant stores. it has est 492 on the label. for more on the beef recall and
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where to return it for a refund go to our website and click on consumer. first lady michelle obama launched a program designed to inspire young women. mrs. obama welcomed more than a dozen high school students to the white house state dining room. the 10 and 11 graders are parpting in an initiative which pairs them with professional women working in the white house. the first lady expressed the importance of mentoring. >> we had parents who cared about us, a few people in our lives who took an interest, people who wanted us to flourish. >> the first lady urged the students to mentor others when they are in a position to do so. an update tonight on an i-team
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investigation. a security company workers are speaking out after losing their jobs. when their paychecks boungesed in march 2008 that was the beginning. the former workers went to the naacp and claimed they are owed $9,800. there is a contract investigation. >> it is more than a pay check as far as waiting for our money. >> we are saying to the federal government, we know there is a lot of red tape, but we are saying to our congress people and senators, united states president, we need you to look at this issue and put this on a fast track. >> the u.s. labor department says it cannot comment because this case is still under investigation. well, like many people, a maryland man hired a debt settler to help him get out from under, but now he is in worst shape than before. we expose a local company
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accused of taking millions from consumers nationwide and providing them little to no help. here is barry simms. >> this home in cecil county, jim watches the flow of the river and reflects on his financial turmoil and tried to bridge the gap and relied on credit cards. >> it was like, free money until it came time to pay and it was like no. and it sounds silly, but nevertheless, that's the way it was. >> caught up in credit card debt, wilson paid $500, nearly half of his monthly income as a down payment for the services of the frederick law graup. the company was supposed to help wilson settle debts and he says that never happened. >> i know there has got to be money somewhere. that's what bugs me. >> wilson filed a complaint with
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the consumer protection division and it was well aware of richard brennan. in 2007, he was accused of misusing money clients paid him to manage or settle debts. instead, he used the money for travel, expensive cars, a home in montgomery county. >> when you take money and spend it on your own needs, i think you are ripping off people. >> the consumer division and brennan reached a settlement. he agreed to pay client money and pay penalties and costs and stop selling illegal debt management services and agreed to turnover his bank records, but brennan didn't pay most of the money and continued selling debt settlement services. the attorney general disbarred him and in april, a judge found him in contempt of court. that landed him here at the frederick county detention center and served two weeks.
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released only after turning over the bank records. >> it was rather humiliating. >> we spoke with him. >> the way this was presented by the attorney general's office is that you ripped off your clients, is that what you did? >> no. we didn't rip off clients. >> brennan claims his clients' average debt was $19,000. he admits charging for an initial consultation and additional fees of $4,000 for attorneys' services and reach settlements and said it was spelled out in letters to clients. >> at no time did we say we will pay your debt every month. >> he had no right to charge consumers fees because he was providing fees that he either couldn't perform or he was exaggerating what he could do. >> there are hundreds of people
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from maryland and other states complained about paying for his services and not getting their debts paid. brennan blames his trouble on poor accounting and ladge of management experience but does admit living large. >> i did like spending money on nice things for myself, but as for a true lavish lifestyle, that is overstated. >> when the state caught up with him, brennan said he was forced to sell his cars, borrow on his home and everything else he owned to try to save the firm. when did you realize it wasn't tunching around. >> when the bar came and said we want your license and your head. >> brennan says this has taken a toll on him. >> my mother refuses to speak to me when this first started coming out. consumer complaints began and my family uninvited me. >> consumer protection isn't
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giving up. >> judgment for $2.7 million has been entered and return that money to consumers. >> this inat the present time was never to harm a single person. >> disbarred and without a job, he must find a way to pay back jim wilson and other clients who went to him for help. >> now your 11 insta-weather forecast with tom tassle mire. >> -- tasselmyer. >> look at that, normal lows, 38 degrees. we should be dropping below the 40-degree mark. 61 is the normal high. at our official weather station, the official high was 59. there were showers off the cost. they're moving away. rain coming out of pennsylvania and ohio. our imagery shows clear skies
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across central maryland. that band might brush past here tomorrow morning but doesn't look like it's going to do anything. low 40's. mid-40's in the hills. 39 at med rick. 48 at the naval academy. 52 down at kam bridge. not as -- cambridge as you can expect, the temperature spread, the warmer numbers are in downtown baltimore. a few scattered clouds around and sunrise at 6:37. mostly clear, but the front coming in out of the demrakes will push through and bring a few clouds into the area tomorrow. it will be mild, at least normal temperatures, but behind it is a shot of cold air that will sweep in here on wednesday and thursday. generally dry weather. spotty showers with this front and a few clouds with the
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initial burst of cool air coming through. we get into wednesday afternoon and thursday and another push of cold air brings a few more clouds and scattered showers on thursday, but still, most of the next three, four days looks like they will be dry. 60-65 tomorrow. partly cloudy. highs only in the 40's in western maryland with partly cloudy skies. partly cloudy around the bay from north beach. look for highs in the mid-60's. ocean city, sunshine in the morning, few afternoon clouds and high of 63. small craft advisory on the front tomorrow. 60's tomorrow, but highs in the 50's on wednesday and clearing out with gusty winds on friday and pretty nice weekend shaping up right now. >> harbaugh says he feels best
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about moving forward over the critical win over denver. that's next in sports.
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to the top. if they can turn yesterday's performance into a regular habit they will have plenty of reason to believe they can show cincinnati. they enjoyed the most complete games. put up most stats. beating denver carriers more weight than beating the browns. they get the players ready to elevate their playing aggressiveness. plays like flako and challenge is maintaining that level of play for the next nine games. no one expects to see that more than john harbaugh. >> denver broncos are a terrific team and so is our team. when you do things right, that tends to multiply into good
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things to happen and win a game. >> the cleveland browns struggling has led to turmoil. the browns appeared to have fired the general manager, i say appeared because cleveland hasn't made an official announcement. security guards filed out of the building today. the owner says he wants to have a serious leader within the building to guide decisions that are more open and transparent. he came up in the nfl. the browns hired him after they hired man gini as head coach. that is a backwards approach. they said they won't fire the coach. they will face. don't count the phillies. philadelphia has just beaten the new york yankees, 8-6.
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if philadelphia can manage to win it all, forget mr. october, the game will have its mr. november. chase utley with two home runs has tied recommendingy jackson for the most home runs in a world series. jackson put up five. utley with five home runs and the series heading back to new york for game six. the phillies managed to hang in. we apologize and captain show you the highlights while the broadcast is on another network. if you ever heard of semi-pro football teams you wonder what separates the teams. we have the answer. las vegas kobe ras. their punt returner was recently tackled by a teammate. his own teammates brings him down. he tried to stiff arm him. but the punt runner, number 32
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could not escape his own teammates from tackling him. the players are only semi-clear about who they should tackle. stick around. it's never semi-pro, but pure it's never semi-pro, but pure pro when tom delivers
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you can tell when a salad's fresh express... ...and when it's not. fresh express salads are so consistently fresh and delicious... ...they're guaranteed. fresh express. >> 63 tomorrow. nice looking day. chilly on wednesday. colder on thursday.
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back into the 50's on friday and the weekend looks real nice and sunshine around 60. >> the lows are rather 30ish. >> that's all for tonight. if you missed any of this newscast, we will have it for you at midnight on on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes.
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now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more.


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